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A few frequently asked questions

Michael is routinely contracted by major networks such as Netflix, History, A&E, Discovery, NBC, ABC, DIY, Disney, AMC, Hulu, Animal Planet, Food Network, HBO, Nat Geo, TNT, TLC, Paramount, and many more.

Yes. Michael routinely produces and films motion picture content for international production companies, networks and clientele from all around the globe.

Yes. Michael has literally filmed around the globe, and continues to do so on a regular basis. Michael has filmed in virtually every terrain imaginable. From the tropics of Aruba, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and more, to the jungles of Belize, Brazil, and Indonesia, Michael has conquered them all. Michael has even filmed in remote regions such as the Australian Outback, the Atacama Desert in Chile, remote areas of Alaska, and the Arctic Circle. Michael is even one of very few individuals to have filmed at the famed Paranal Observatory in Chile.