Production Facility


Podcast Studio A
Michael’s facility, Summitstar Studios, is a 4,000 square foot private facility in Peoria, Arizona which houses multiple production offices, audio and video recording studios, a viewing theater, advanced audio editing suites, advanced video editing and color corrections suites, an equipment warehouse, and an advanced audio and video podcast studio. For more information about Summitstar Studios, visit


A spacious audio / video podcast studio is available and customizable to fit exact clientele needs. Custom podcast sets and decor can be added or changed to create a highly custom podcast. Michael utilizes high end cinema cameras such as the Sony PXW-FX9, PL mount prime lenses, and other cinema technologies to create a highly cinematic look. Audio and studio lighting equipment is also customizable for every clients needs. Lectrosonics wireless lavaliere systems are even available to create a “microphone free”, much more intimate setting. Well experienced podcast producers are available to assist in creating and managing your dream podcast.

Multiple high end audio and video editing suites are available as are editing services. Utilizing the latest in audio and video editing technologies, Michael’s editing suites can handle the most demanding audio / visual content. Post production editing services are provided for films, television shows, commercials, streaming media, podcasts, etc. 

Michael’s facility, Summitstar Studios, is complete with 2 state of the art audio recording studios, a live room and a large vocal isolation booth. Audio recordings such as foley, ADR, musical recordings, etc are routinely recorded for feature films, documentaries, musical artists, etc.

An advanced DaVinci Resolve based color correction suite utilizing DaVinci advanced color correction software and hardware is nestled within the private facility. 

A 400 square foot custom theater is available to preview media content.

Multiple themed production offices and an executive office are included within the facility.