Michael Giannantonio is highly experienced and knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of live and planned production including: live entertainment, theatrical & production lighting, cinematography, scriptwriting, development, broadcasting, financing, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing and distribution. A few of Michael’s current goals include writing and directing motion pictures for a global market and producing / filming high end television shows.

Michael was born on March 12, 1973 and was destined for the entertainment industry. He displayed his creative and leadership abilities at a very young age. By the age of 11, Michael had made his first musical recording. Before age 12, Michael was performing complex magic tricks for his friends and family. Michael also discovered the video camera at a young age and began writing scripts, developing ideas and producing home videos. Michael then made his professional debut as a musician at age 15. This led to a 10 year career as a professional lead guitarist in a popular rock band.

In 2003, after becoming a world renowned stage hypnotist and magician and having started numerous successful companies, Michael formed another company, a talent agency responsible for the representation of entertainers. His stage acts were also being regularly featured on national and international television shows, in print media and even on radio broadcasts. During this time, Michael also found himself writing and consulting for feature films, as well as producing professional video related works and arranging feature film financing in his “spare time”.

In late 2004, Michael, now performing in excess of 250 live shows per year for casinos, fairs, festivals, theme parks and more, found himself somehow feeling "empty" inside. In 2005, Michael wrote, produced and directed his first award winning short film titled, “The Devil Inside”. The success of this short film led to Michael’s retirement from the stage and to his transition into film and television. During his transitional period, Michael utilized decades of stage production, audio, visual, computer and lighting knowledge when he accepted an executive level management position as the manager of lighting and power distribution for a tri-state production company. Michael left this position to spend the next year and a half writing, producing, directing and editing all types of video productions for a well known Scottsdale, Arizona based production company.

Michael currently finds himself writing, producing, directing and filming feature length and short subject films, television shows, documentaries, commercials, corporate videos, artist profiles and more. Michael, alongside his production company, Summitstar Films & Entertainment, finally feels he has found his true calling and loves his aspiring career in film and television. Michael looks forward to a long and prosperous career sharing creative and artistic visions with the world.

Mission Statement & Code of Ethics

Michael’s Mission - To provide high quality entertainment offerings which affect positive growth and inspire change on a global level.

Michael's mission is simple, he works diligently to make a difference on a global level through his unique, creative and artistic entertainment industry offerings. By remaining an independent contractor, Michael strives to be an example for independent entertainers and contractors from all areas of the entertainment industry. Michael believes it is the responsibility of every creative artist to assist in making the world a better place through their own individual works. Michael works hard to encourage and inspire creativity in those around him.

Michael Giannantonio professes to continue to make positive contributions to the entertainment industry. Michael believes that every project, regardless of the magnitude of the project, should be handled with the same careful attention to detail. Michael strives for excellence in every aspect of his business dealings and works hard to achieve his mission.

Michael's Code of Ethics Policy - Michael Giannantonio adheres to a strict policy of generating profits while following the principles of his Conduct of Business Policy. Michael believes his dealings with business associates, employees, clients, colleagues and other persons are to be completed in an honest, positive and ethical way. Michael openly states that if he could gain greater financial profits by not adhering to his code of ethics policy, he would choose to not to partake in such business practices regardless of profitability. Michael professes to follow the ethics and practices of his policies regardless of financial or other impacts upon himself or his career.

Michael professes to that every associate, employee, and/or business will be dealt with fairly and ethically. No unfair advantage will be taken of anyone through unscrupulous manipulation or profit speculation where the monetary goals override the ethical practices of his practices. Michael also reserves the right not to deal or associate with persons or businesses he feels are engaging in unethical or dishonest practices.